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Each year the Virginia Network sponsors a statewide conference serving women in a wide range of roles in higher education, including graduate students. The annual conference is designed for women who serve the varied and diverse institutions and agencies of higher education in the Commonwealth and provides opportunities for networking, collaboration, and sharing information about the national, state, and regional issues affecting higher education today. The Network has been particularly interested in identifying and developing the careers of women from diverse backgrounds; therefore every three years the annual conference focuses on critical issues for women of color.

Virginia State University, May 31, 2024

Walking in Her Shoes: Understanding the Challenges of Women of Color in Higher Education and Creating Environments Where ALL Succeed.

Save The Date:  May 31, 2024
Location: Virginia State University

   VSU Gateway Dining & Events Center

   2804 Martin Luther King Drive, Colonial Heights, VA 23834
Host Hotel:  Hilton Garden Inn – South Park

2024 Virginia Network Women of Color Conference

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Virginia State University

VSU Gateway Dining & Events Center

2804 Martin Luther King Drive

​Colonial Heights, VA 23834

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming ACE Conference, themed "Walking in Her Shoes: Understanding the Challenges of Women of Color in Higher Education and Creating Environments Where All Succeed,"  on May 31, 2024,  we are writing to you with an impassioned call to action. In the spirit of empathy and solidarity, we have an incredible opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of women in need. As we gather to engage in insightful discussions, share experiences, and foster meaningful connections, let us also unite in a collective effort to support those who may be facing hardships beyond our immediate scope.

One of the most profound ways we can demonstrate our commitment to uplifting women, particularly those from marginalized communities, is by extending a helping hand in times of need. Therefore, We humbly urge each and every one of you to consider contributing to our shoe donation drive.
We invite you to bring gently used or new shoes to the conference, which will be collected and donated to women in need through the Virginia Sexual & Domestic Action Alliance. Your simple act of generosity can provide comfort, dignity, and practical assistance to those who may be navigating challenging circumstances.

The shoes we donate symbolize more than just material possessions; they represent our collective empathy, compassion, and unwavering support for women in need. By coming together and contributing to this meaningful cause, we reaffirm our shared commitment to creating a more inclusive, equitable, and supportive environment for all. Together, let us step forward with purpose and conviction, knowing that our actions have the power to bring about positive change in the lives of others. Your generosity will not go unnoticed, and your kindness will leave a lasting impact on those who receive your gift.

Thank you for your willingness to join us in this noble endeavor. Together, we can make a difference-one step at a time.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Tia A. Minnis, Ph.D.
Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs
Virginia State University

Ginger Ambler, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President for Student Affairs & Public Safety
William & Mary

Tancy J. Vandecar-Burdin, Ph.D.
Director, The Social Science Research Center
Old Dominion University

Conference Co-Chairs
ACE Conference